Project Certification Course (3 Months)


"Design & Development of Academic Project on Software & Hardware Platforms using Industry's most relevant Integrated Development Environments"

  • Hands-on industry standard tools
  • Ability to map core engineering subject knowledge to industry applications
  • Ability to present innovative solution for real time problems
  • Gain strong knowledge of Embedded / Software / Hardware debugging
Project in Subject
Embedded Systems C & P89V59RD2 , C & ARM and RTLinux 
MATLAB & LabVIEW Model based design using MATLAB and LabVIEW
Software Testing     Manual/Automation
VLSI Digital Electronics, FPGA Design with Verilog HDL/VHDL, Advanced FPGA Design

Take Away:

  • Project learning & Implementation
  • Project document
  • Hardware for Demo
  • Certification